Time to Thrive!

June’s flower is geranium. 

Geraniums are hardy plants and often thrive in unexpected circumstances, just like a lot of us. 

In craft, geraniums can be used for cleansing of auras, the balancing of body and mind, as well as repelling negative thoughts and mindsets. 

Many practitioners like to work with oils or petals, but a very simple way to work with the properties of geranium is to simply plant them around your home for a little bit of every day magic that you don’t have to constantly consider and charge with intention. Living plants do what they were meant to do whether we tell them to or not. Plus, they’re a pretty pop of color that can make our homes feel warm and inviting. Geraniums also spread like crazy, so if you start with a couple plants, they’ll fill the space they’re given. 

Again, a lot like us. We, too, can fill the space we’ve been given. Or that space we decide to take up and own, that space where we are present. 

Now that we’ve reached the end of the month and the final week working with this intention, at least as far as the blog is concerned, let’s go back over our journal entries. 

How do we feel about what we wrote? Has anything changed in how we view being present, those who need us, or what it cost us to be present? Has it added any value to our lives or to those of the people around us?

It’s okay if we don’t see any outer changes yet. If we do, that’s fantastic. But if we don’t, that’s still something to be proud of. It’s something we can’t give up on. Not for those who need us, and definitely not for ourselves. 

My presence will stand strong in all the areas that need my shelter. This is a powerful intention and one that we should carry with us not just through our work, but always. 

Amy Ketteran