Show your true self!

August’s stone is calcite. 

Calcite is often used to banish stagnant energy, and this month is a good time to do that. That August fire is fantastic for burning out old habits, old sorrows, and old ways that no longer serve us. Calcite can come in an array of colors from gray, red, yellow, orange, pink, green, brown, black, blue, and even colorless. For our purposes, color doesn’t play so much a factor, so simply choose whatever you find pleasing. 

If we haven’t been living our truth, calcite is a good way to clear the path to start. 

To work with Calcite in this capacity, you can make a bundle to cleanse your space. Most people use sage to cleanse spaces, but white sage is in danger of being overharvested. You are free to use any cleansing tool you like, but some alternatives to sage are cedar, pine, rosemary, and holy basil. These are also easy to acquire. 

Make a bundle of your chosen material, and bind a piece of calcite to the base of your bundle. Use the same ritual to cleanse as you would in any other circumstance, only you’re going to use this month’s intention. “I am true to myself and am not afraid to show my truth to others.” 

If you’re new to cleansing your space, a quick internet search will bring up myriad options of rituals. Do whatever feels good and right to you. 

The ritual isn’t just about the physicality of clearing old energy. It’s about wiring your brain to think in a new space. Your heart to feel a new connections. Your body to feel new vibrations. It’s to move your whole self into an open space that’s pure and free of past ideas, or anchors that were holding you back. 

Remember, you deserve to be seen for who you are. The whole of yourself. The shining light of your own truth. This remains true no matter where you are in any of the journeys you’ve chosen to undertake. Because baby, let me tell you, it’s fucking beautiful. 

Amy Ketteran