Sensual Savage

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Sensual Savage is more than a dance or movement. It’s a journey of self-exploration and learning to love ourselves from the inside out. Our Sensual Savage program asks us to step inside ourselves and ask the hard questions. Who is it you want to be? What makes it hard to love ourselves? How do we begin to find our path back to self-love?

What We Explore

The session is to help us explore pleasure and investigate the things that bring us joy. We’ll question why we block pleasure and joy from our lives. A variety of tools are used to connect with our emotions and how they feel in our bodies. That energy is then harnessed to drive our movement.

Our Focus

We challenge our goddesses to step outside their comfort zones. Our goal is to inspire ourselves to dance in the moonlight, radiate in the sun, forgetting our inhibitions, and releasing our fears.