Own your Truth!

Welcome to Leo Season! It’s all fire and sparkle for the month of August. Even if you’re not a Leo. Let that leonine glow fill you up, surround you, and make your own spotlight. 

There’s nothing wrong with attention, or wanting it. Everyone needs a certain amount of attention from others to fill out wells. For those of us who are more introverted, it’s less. For those extroverts out there, it’s more. Both are absolutely okay and healthy. It’s all about how we go about it. If we do it in a way that lifts us up and with the consent of those we’re seeking attention from. 

One of the things we hear often about someone struggling is that “they’re doing it for attention.” How sad is that, that someone has to be in pain to get their basic needs met? We can do better than that for our loved ones and for ourselves. 

This month’s intention is about owning our truth, and not being afraid to show it to others. Step into that glow, because we deserve it. All of us deserve to be seen for exactly who we are. All of us deserve to live in a space and surround ourselves with people who value us for exactly who we are. 

If we lose someone because of our truth, they never belonged to our circle anyway. While that can be painful, and absolutely deserves time and space to grieve that loss, I think we’ll all find that our lives are much richer for that loss. It gives space for new people who will love us for all the reasons others couldn’t. 

This month’s affirmation is “I am true to myself and am not afraid to show my truth to others.”

For this week’s activity, we’re going to roll easy and standard. Say this to yourself in the mirror three times every morning. Feel it deep in your bones. See if anything changes. If you get any messages from your higher self or if people suddenly find their way out of or into your lives. 

Amy Ketteran