Living your best life!

August’s herbs are peppermint and thyme. 

Peppermint is pretty common in most of our lives. Whether we use it for a breath mint, or to ease an upset stomach, or simply like our peppermint mochas, it’s rather present. But most people don’t know it has other uses when it comes to the craft. 

Peppermint can be used to promote mental clarity. You can rub the leaves themselves on your head, or apply dabs of essential oil on your temples. It’s not just the direct application that helps, but the scent of peppermint can cut gently through all the noise. 

However, my favorite peppermint property is that it can be used to amplify vibrations. When we’re living our truth, it never hurts to crank up that vibration another notch just to be sure that not only do others hear and see us, but we hear and see ourselves. To do this, just fill a small sachet with dried peppermint leaves and keep it in a space where you spend the most time. 

Thyme is also one of those herbs that’s very common and abundant, but that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. One of its best properties is that it promotes courage. For this month’s intention, tuck a bit of it in your sachet with your peppermint. 

Living your best life, in your whole truth, while it will bring you peace, it takes a lot of courage to get there. Sometimes, standing in our truth can feel like that dream where you’re naked in front of a group of people trying to give a report on something where you haven’t even written it or done the research.  

And you are kind of naked. Our truths are often raw and unvarnished. Naked. Which is why it’s hard sometimes to be honest about who and what we are, and what we need. Remind yourself, you and your truth are fucking beautiful. 

It needs the “fucking.” It’s savage, it’s strong, it’s honest. Fucking beautiful. Don’t forget. Or let anyone else convince you that you’re not. 

Amy Ketteran