Embrace your Fear!

 As we launch forth into July, and into summer, we’re also launching into Cancer season. Cancer, as a sign, is known for feeling things incredibly deeply. This is also a time to reset and rebalance. With this heady combination, there could be a lot of changes on your plate. 

Which is why this month’s theme is courage

Is there something you’ve been afraid to do? People often say that growth lies outside of our comfort zones, but that’s not all there is to the story. To our stories. We have comfort zones for a reason. We’re allowed to be safe. We’re allowed to set those boundaries, those zones, if you will, for what we need. 

The trick is to figure out if the zones we’ve set are still meeting our needs. Safety is important, but sometimes we need to push out of what’s safe to so we can soar above the clouds and fly. 

Only, no one can tell us if we should stay snuggled warm in our nests or spread our wings. There’s a time and a place for both things. 

This month, let’s choose one thing that we’ve been afraid to do and find our courage. If it’s something incredibly monumental, your steps to complete this big thing don’t have to reach culmination, but maybe at least put a plan in place to move toward facing that fear and getting what you want. 

I promise it’s worth it. Yours truly did something completely terrifying last year and escaped a miserable life with no idea how or where I was going to land. Today, I’m incredibly happy, safe, and full of hope. 

This month’s intention is: “Courage is the act of doing regardless of fear. I embrace fear to unleash to show my true self.”

Living authentically and with joy is one of the bravest things we can do. 

Is there something in your life that’s keeping you from living authentically? Let’s give that some thought and journal about it. 

Amy Ketteran