About Us

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New Approach to Explore Your Mind & Body

Phoenix Rising Movement Arts is a space for female energy to converge and support one another. We want to hold a space where women can feel comfortable exploring their minds, bodies, and spirits through movement and open conversation. We want women to speak their truth, know their value, and not fear taking their place in the world.

Brave & Boundless

We embrace our bodies in all forms and the fact we are continually a work in progress both physically and mentally. Ours is a space where we challenge women to be brave enough to explore the things that make us uncomfortable. Be bold, be brave, be boundless!

Embark On a Journey of Transformation

What we offer are growth and transformation! No matter the class structure, you’ll gain the tools needed to make changes both in and out of the studio! We can't wait to see how you soar throughout your journey with us!